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Born in response to the difficulties of COVID-19, we are committed to strengthening people’s lives through training and encouragement. Starting with our online courses, we’ve developed an engaging community of people who have supported many more to accomplish their full potential.

To better serve you, we have extended our services to include on-site and hybrid programs and our standard online options.

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Unlocking Potentials, Transforming Lives


Empower individuals, unlock unique potential through accessible education and services. Create a supportive community, nurture personal growth, and celebrate individual genius, fostering positive societal impac


We provide personalized one-on-one and group
services, encompassing training, coaching, counselling, therapy, and consultations, fostering holistic personal development and well-being.

Lukito Sutanto



As a dedicated People Builder, Life Transformational Coach, and Education Leader, I am driven by an unwavering passion for empowering individuals to embrace their true potential. With over 25 years of exemplary leadership in the field of education, I have founded and guided institutions that foster personal growth and development. I am the visionary behind National Global School, NGS Academy, Sekolah Tanpa Tembok, Komunitas Anak Indonesia, and Komunitas People Builder Indonesia, all of which have become catalysts for positive change. Additionally, I have had the honor of being a TEDx Society speaker, where I shared my insights and expertise on a prestigious platform. Throughout my journey, I have conducted transformative training sessions for prominent organizations such as Philip Morris, Ciputra Group, Kementrian, Yayasan Sahabat Peduli Anak, SMA 3 Jakarta, Ipeka International School, Sekolah Citra Kasih, religious organizations, and many more. I am also well-equipped in Matrix and Executive Coaching, further enhancing my ability to facilitate profound transformations.

Education & Trainings

  • Diploma in Child Psychology and Learning Disorder
    Management, College of Allied Educators, Singapore 
  • Certified Practitioner in Therapeutic Playskills, APAC
    Academy & Child Psychology, UK
  • Certified Neuro-Semantic Practitioner, ISNS USA
  • Certified Meta Coach, Meta Coach Federation USA
  • Certified Marriage Master Mentor & Relationship Coach,
  • Certified Behavior Consultant
  • Certified Master DISC Analyst
  • Certified Snapshot Profiler
  • Certified Train the Trainer
  • Certified Point of You Explorer